Skincare Haul!

Late night post ooo. I’ve never done a haul before but as my skin is in dire need of some TLC I thought I’d kill two birds with one stone. For anyone that knows me you’ll know how awful my skin is. I’ve been struggling with acne since I was in primary school and have been given numerous tablets and treatments from the doctors, not of which work. I decided to take matters into my own hands and invest into some proper skincare rather than just using good old water and a bit of face wash. The products I bought add up to nearly £50 worth but like I said, this is a haul and you can purchase any products one at a time to make things cheaper. Continue reading “Skincare Haul!”


September Favourites!

It’s the middle of October and here I am uploading a September Favourites post. Am I bothered? A little bit. Will I post a late monthly favourites again? Probably. I only really had 4 favourites last month and none really fashion orientated but I thought I’d share them with you anyway as they’re very autumnal and cozy and hopefully get you as excited for Christmas as I am. Continue reading “September Favourites!”

Outfits of the Week!

As was yesterdays post, this is technically my favourite outfits of last week but I’m sure nobody is going to shout at me over it. This (last) weeks outfits were a lot more casual as I went out for 3 less formal meals throughout the week. And yes, I’m not sure why I go out for meals so much either. But anyway, my outfits were still quite dressy but can easily be toned down for every day wear or just as inspiration for going out/meals. I hope you do find them as likable as I did.  Continue reading “Outfits of the Week!”

Outfits of the (Last) Week!

First of all huuuuuuge apologies for taking two bloody months to upload a new post. I’ve had a lot on at home and with myself not to mention my laptop deciding to pack in on me and wordpress locking me out of my account. So yea, all fun and games. Anyway, I thought it’d be nice to start doing an ‘outfits of the week’ post each Sunday with a couple of my favourite outfits from throughout the week. Today’s will be from last week and I’ll upload another tomorrow for this weeks outfits (confusing I know). So without further ado here are my outfits of the (last) week… Continue reading “Outfits of the (Last) Week!”

My Top 10 Shopping Wishlist

I think almost every girl (and probably a lot of lads, too) can all admit to having a wishlist of clothes they want to buy but never get round to due to lack of money or them simply not being ‘trendy’ anymore. And I’m pretty sure everyone at some point has experienced the ‘when I have no money I want to buy everything, but when I have money there’s nothing I like’. So to try and kill two birds with one stone I’ve created my top 10 wishlist of clothes from online to give you inspiration for a wishlist or ideas of what to buy when you actually have money. Continue reading “My Top 10 Shopping Wishlist”

Great British Beach Wear

On Tuesday my friends and I planned a surprise beach trip to Scarborough for our friend’s birthday and I thought ‘ooo blog post opportunity’. The weather was predicted to be terrible but ended up being glorious which ruined my initial blog idea. I planned to write about what to wear to the beach when the weather is typical British weather but the sky had different plans. Instead here is a little post about my day in Scarborough and what I wore. Continue reading “Great British Beach Wear”